“I do” On A Winter Season

Dream Wedding Snapshot


Would you like to tie-the-knot on the month of June? Or would you like to walk down the aisle with spring flowers on a high degree temperature? Well, these things may better be left as dreams, and it seems like now is the right time to have some reality check. Though it may sound like being a June bride is ideal, it does not mean that it is the best choice. In the US for instance, the weather can be very unpredictable during the months of summer, thus an outdoor gala is not always a guarantee. This is not to mention that June weddings may cost higher due to the high competition, and this is likely to result in extra hassle and stress. Having these things in mind, you can consider what many couples opt to do-getting married on the months of winter. And below are the top two advantages of having this once in a lifetime event on winter.

Winter Theme Wedding


Nothing can be more elegant than having a winter white wedding in a cozy and warm ballroom. From the month of January to March, the competition for dates dramatically decreases, so does the anxiety about the weather as you plan that your special day will be indoors. When starting to plan for a winter wedding, it is important to determine what you find inspiring around the said season. You can also work with a wedding professional for you to find more ways that you can incorporate to those features. Given that it is not often common nor possible to have the wedding outside during winter season, there are various ways however for you to bring the elements of outdoor “inside”.

In addition, you can the table with inexpensive and simple white poinsettias. Or, you can fill the entire room with lights by arranging the pillar candles on a bed with pine branches. Doing so would allow you to stage a dramatic centerpiece that would mirror the outdoors. You can also have bright red cranberries that surround the floating candles that would surely look stunning and pocket-friendly.


Aside from the beautiful color schemes and creative decorations, one of the best part of a winter wedding is the savings. You will surely get far more bang for your buck during the off season months as the savings can go across the board in the planning. From the florist and reception hall, to caterers and bands, almost everyone is more than willing to negotiate during the said time of the year. And for an additional bonus, wedding registries are not seasonal, thus there is no need for you to worry about restraints when you sign up for and make gift requests.

Winter weddings are always unique, thus your would definitely stand out from the rest. As time passes on, it has become more noticeable that more and more brides are now choosing the practicality and magic of winter season for wedding celebrations, an event that will mark the greatest difference in their lives.



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